Find a D-Group

Find a D-Group

1. Click the map to zoom in and search for a D-Group near you (for privacy purposes, we've only listed the nearest cross-streets).

2. Click on a flag and scroll down to get information on the weekly meeting day / time, as well as the leader's email address. NOTE: Leader contact info is only visible on a desktop at this time.

-- RED pins are for Women's D-Groups
-- BLUE pins are for Men's D-Groups.

3. Email that leader to find out about joining their D-Group when the next session launches. That leader will send you our "Intro to D-Group" video to watch, which is a very important step to take before joining.

NOTE: If you aren't currently in a D-Group* and there isn't a D-Group in your area**, we'd love for you to consider starting one! You can fill out our Leader Interest Form for more info on becoming a Leader. New Leader Training is a 6-step process, consisting of a few videos, a leader handbook, a testimony and referral, and a brief phone/skype interview with someone on our team. Most people are able to complete it in 3-7 days. 

*If you're currently in a D-Group, please have your Leader fill out the NLT form on the Leaders page.

**If there is a D-Group in your area, we'd love for you to join that D-Group before launching your own.

Click here to view D-Group Locations in a full screen map.